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Roofing: Do it yourself?

Re-roofing. You think that the degree of damage to your roof indicates that it is due for re-roofing? So what would be better, you may ask: To do it yourself or to hire the services of professional roofers?


 You might also think it would be nice to invite your friends and family to do the job and thank them with pizza and beer.


You are not alone in thinking about this. In fact, some of the people who have done it have become our clients. 


The work seemed to them to be just a matter of good intentions and in the end everything seemed to be fine. Then, one day, seepage inside the house contradicted them. 


It was clear that things had not gone so well. Now the savings were gone, because they had to get a specialist to look at it all, us in this case. 


So don’t go into this real adventure lightly.


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Correctly access the amount of material needed to re-roof

Master roofers are skilled in the art of accurate measurement, enabling them to estimate the quantities of materials required for the work. They will also take the trouble to order extra precautionary material to deal with potential contingencies. For example, if an unexpected rainfall damages some of the shingles on the roof, the workers can replace them on the spot.


Another fundamental element is to be adequately equipped, which is the case with roofing contractors. Thus, their adequate possession of equipment and tools contributes to a higher quality of work. Roofers are also physically able to carry heavy loads. Did you know that a box of shingles is eighty pounds? Imagine the strength required to lift them and climb a ladder with that much weight!

Master roofer experience

Master roofers have a lot of square footage of shingles under their belts. This experience has sharpened their eye. This means that defects do not escape them. They can therefore repair them quickly and effectively by applying elements of their broad range of knowledge and know-how. In short, by entrusting us with your roof, you can sleep in peace.

Using the right tools

ToituGo – Toiture Victoriaville has both the equipment and the tools required for roof repairs. We are talking about ladders, of course, but also scaffolding and specialized equipment. The know-how is also important. Among other things, they enable precautionary measures to be taken to avoid accidents and to speed up the work without skimping on quality and safety. So if you want to feel reassured, all you have to do is contact us at (819) 809-5617. ​

Quick performance by professionnal roofers

There is a good reason to rely on professional roofers: Since they are experienced, the work will be done faster and better than when beginners do it. As an indication, you should know that a single day’s work can re-roof a small house. For medium-sized houses, two days may be sufficient. So, with specialists, you will hear the noise of tools and footsteps on the roof as little as possible! What more could you ask for than a quick and professional job? There are secondary advantages to being able to do everything in a shorter time. Unforeseen bad weather is less likely to happen. But even in this case, the experts have protective tarpaulins if necessary. So, when the weather is bad, your roof is safe and sound.

Quality of work and asphalt shingle manufacturer's warrenty

Asphalt shingles usually come with an outstanding warranty from the manufacturer, for example Iko. But then, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s standards. This means that recommendations are issued and must be followed as to how the shingles should be applied. If not, the warranty no longer applies. Any worker, no matter how conscientious, can make a mistake at some point. And then there is a plan B: liability insurance. With us, everything is in place to ensure that the job is done properly and safely.

Doing your own wroofing involves safety risks

Everything must be done to ensure safety. No means are too big. There are many risks involved in repairs. Heavy weights are carried (packages, tools, equipment, etc.), work is carried out at high altitudes and often on slopes… the potential dangers are nothing like those of assembling a piece of furniture, for example.  So, when you plan to do it yourself, think about safety too. You may not be in a position to ensure it. With us, Toiture Victoriaville, you can be reassured in this respect as well as in the quality and rapidity of our work. So, call us at (819) 809-5617 and we will give you a free quote after we have examined your roof. You can then make your decision with all the cards in hand.

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