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Reparing or replace a roof, in Victoriaville

Repair or re-roof. Are you wondering if you should just repair the roof or if it would be better to re-roof the whole thing? Are you even sure that the time to ask yourself this question has really come? Answers are provided in this article.

Assess the damage

Where to start? By assessing the degree of degradation. But how do you do that? First, identify the areas of your roof that are deteriorated. Then, is it a percentage of the surface (and which one) or are there limited areas everywhere? Finally, what are the causes of the deterioration? A reconnaissance examination is intended to determine such a picture of the situation.


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Don’t wait for problem to arise before taking action

It’s best not to delay repairing or re-roofing. If you wait for water to seep in before deciding to repair, it may cost you more. Prevention reduces costs. But taking action at the right time is not easy. So, is it better to repair or redo the entire roof? At Toiture Victoriaville, we have all the experience and knowledge to master. Therefore, our inspection will be realistic and complete. Our preliminary examination will not cost you a penny and our master roofer will be happy to advise you to help you make the right decision.

Roof repair: When is it a good option?

One-off damage
If a specific situation has occurred that has caused a breakage, it is probably a matter of repair. For example, if a branch has damaged some shingles or winds have blown them off. So when an area is affected, you repair.

However, if you repeatedly have to repair a given section, there may be a deeper but unseen problem. In such a case, we at Toiture Victoriaville can help you by going to assess the situation. We will then be able to determine the causes and the degree of seriousness.


Too late or too early in the season to install a new roof
Our temperatures are variable in Quebec. This complicates the work schedule of roofing installers. Winter and early spring are not good times, because the weather is not favorable. Nevertheless, infiltrations or particular breaks can occur without warning even during these periods. Therefore, it is important to proceed with emergency repairs that ensure the transition until the complete repair can be done.

Repair for financial reasons
Sometimes, the finances may not be there right away when it comes to changing a roof. So, it’s best to make smaller repairs to avoid aggravation by the time it’s possible. ​


Re-roofing: How do you know when it’s time to contact our professional roofers at Toiture Victoriaville? The following will give you some clues.

Shingles frequently found on the ground
When you regularly find shingles from your roof on the ground, it may be time to re-roof. But if it’s the result of a storm or wind event, it’s not necessarily time to change it. In other words, the factor that matters is how often shingles on the ground are found.

Bent asphalt shingles
If your asphalt shingles start to curl, you should have your roof inspected by calling us at (819) 809-5617. We will evaluate the situation and give you our usual free estimate of the work to planned.

Cracked seal
You may not know when your house was built or when the roof was last changed. Don’t worry, the sealant joints will tell you a lot. They are an excellent indicator of the degree of erosion. They can be found around your flashings and chimney, among other things. Look for them everywhere. If you notice that the asphalt plastic cement is cracking, it is possible that your roof is due for a re-roof.


Stains, mold and other organic matter

Is there mold on your roof? Or perhaps stains or other organic matter is present? These are other signs that show it’s time to contact your master roofer. We will come and assess the situation free of charge and give you an estimate of the cost of the work.

Installing a new roof to help sell your home

What are home buyers looking for? Peace of mind and the absence of work after having invested such a large sum of money. Their preference will therefore be for offers that are free of major repairs. In other words, to facilitate the sale of your home, if that is your intention, it is an excellent idea to proceed with the re-roofing. This will increase the chances that prospects will like your home.
Re-roofing yourself?

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